Delicate Face & Body Scrub with Blueberry extract

Donates the skin smooth and silky look!
Scrub Delicato Viso e Corpo al Mirtillo

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Cleaning thoroughly and eliminating dead cells and impurities allows for profound nourishment and hydration of the skin donating a smooth and silky look. ValJohn Delicate Face & Body Scrub with Blueberry extract is our skin’s best friend. Exerts deep but delicate exfoliation.

The well-known astringent properties of the blueberry provide for an in-depth cleansing of dead cells and impurities without impoverishing the hydro lipid skin layer, while favouring the cell regeneration and allowing fresh skin to be revealed.

The active ingredients found in the tiny particles such as vitamins, alginates, polysaccharides etc. penetrate in the skin and deliver superior brightening; firmness and smoothness preparing it for the further treatment and providing for the optimization of the results.

How to use:

  • Gently massage onto the desired areas until complete absorption.
  • Apply with a more intense massage in the knee, elbow, and gluteus where skin is generally thicker.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and follow with the most suitable treatment.

Available in 150ml
This product is hypoallergenic except for hypersensitivity towards specific ingredients.


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